Learn How Park Owners Can Make Extra Money

The Campground Referral Program pays you for referring people to join Passport America!

This page contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Passport America's Membership Sales Program, reserved ONLY for Passport America Participating Campgrounds.

Does it cost me anything to receive Passport America Membership Sales Program materials?
NO! Simply call (800) 283-7183 or email and request to have Passport America Membership Sales Program Materials mailed to you. If you request the Sales Program Information on your initial Contract Agreement form, then these materials will be included with your Membership Materials Package.
What does Passport America pay me for selling memberships?

Passport America pays you according to how long an individual joins for:

  • Sell a 1 Year Membership for $44 and you make $22
  • Sell a 2 Year Membership for $79 and you make $25
  • Sell a 3 Year Membership for $109 and you make $35
Every time a member that initially joined Passport America via your referral renews their PA membership, we will pay you a commission based on how long the member renews for (1 year $15 US, 2 years $20 US, 3 years $30 US). You will continue to receive these renewal commissions as long as your park remains a Passport America Participating Campground.
What are the benefits of selling Passport America memberships in my park?

There are two wonderful advantages to selling the Passport America Membership at your park:

1. The customer purchasing the PA Membership directly from you is able to receive all of their Passport America Membership Supplies and can use their Membership immediately! Therefore, a direct sale of a PA Membership at your park is the most convenient and satisfactory method overall!
2. You have the opportunity to KEEP your Membership Sales Commission up front for each individual sale.

Note: The Customer normally receives their PA Membership Package within two weeks after they join via phone, mail, or the PA Website.
How do I sign up a new member?

It is very simple:

  • 1. Have the new member fill out an application (it is inside the Passport America Brochure).
  • 2. Take the full payment for the membership fee.
  • 3. Give the new member a Passport America International Camping Directory and Temporary ID Card (valid for 30 days).
  • 4. Mail the application with Passport America's portion of the membership fee (minus your commission) to:

Passport America
21263 Tucker Rd
Long Beach, MS 39560

Note: Because you are supplying the new member with a Temporary Card valid for 30 Days, it is very important that we receive the application from you as soon as possible.
Do I receive the same commissions if someone joins online?
YES! Regardless of HOW someone joins Passport America, as long as it is via your referral (Passport America Campground ID Number or Name) we will send you the referral commission accordingly (1 yr. $22, 2 yrs. $25, and 3 yrs $35).
Do I have any further responsibility for the new member after PA receives the new member's application and payment?
NO! After we receive the new member's application and payment, a permanent Passport America ID Card and Current Directory Update will be mailed to them. Furthermore, Passport America will be completely responsible for sending ANY membership information to the new member.
Does Passport America pay me for distributing Passport America brochures with my ID number in my park?
YES! PA Brochure distribution alone gives you the opportunity to make an additional income. Also, Passport America will pay you the commission amounts listed above for any new members that join by phone, mail, and online using your ID number or campground name as the referral.
How often does Passport America pay me for the referral commissions that I do not keep upfront?
Commission checks are usually mailed to all Participating Campgrounds once every two months.
How can I receive Passport America Membership Sales Materials when my supply runs out?
All further Passport America Membership Materials are mailed to you A.S.A.P. on a request basis. You can either call toll free (800) 283-7183 or email to place your request. All Passport America Membership Materials cost you NOTHING!
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