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Passport America Park Owners Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost for me to affiliate my park with Passport America?
There is absolutely no fee to receive all the benefits of the Passport America Campground Participation Program. Passport America provides your park with various forms of FREE advertisement throughout the US, Canada and Mexico in exchange for honoring Passport America Member's 50% Discount Camping Card on a space availability basis off of your Regular Nightly Rate.
How do I go about affiliating my park with Passport America?
Click here to join online now.
Can I receive information and join Passport America by mail?
Yes! Just call us at (800) 283-7183 or email and request to receive information by mail.
How long will it take for me to receive my Passport America Participating Campground Materials after I join?
Promotional Passport America Materials such as signage, decals, brochures and other sales related items will be mailed to you within a week after your park is listed online.
What are the benefits of affiliating my park with Passport America?
Just the fact that Passport America can help to fill up those campsites that are currently sitting empty and are not bringing in a profit is very beneficial to you financially. Make even more money directly from Passport America by selling Passport America memberships in your park. Not only do you make a commission for the initial sale, but for each year that member renews, Passport America will send you $15.00. Click here for the complete list of all your Passport America benefits.
Do I have to change the way I do business to accommodate Passport America members?

Each Passport America Participating Campground continues to operate as it has in the past. Simply provide a 50% discount off of your REGULAR NIGHTLY RATE on a SPACE AVAILABILITY BASIS. You may accept reservations for Passport America cardholders or simply accept them on a drive up accommodation basis. Passport America is easily customizable to your campground's business.

Please call (800) 283-7183 and speak to one of our helpful Passport America Member Support Reps for suggestions on how you can provide the discount that works best for your campground's business.

Am I obligated to give a 50% discount off of my already discounted weekly and monthly rates?
NO! The 50% discount for Passport America Cardholders applies only to your REGULAR NIGHTLY RATE. Weekly and monthly rates are usually already discounted. Giving a Passport America 50% discount on your weekly and monthly rates would be considered double discounting. You may give a discount on these already discounted rates if you decide to do so, but Passport America does not obligate you to.
When will my park be listed on the Passport America websites, mobile apps and printed directory?
One of representatives will contact you to discuss your agreement and assist you with establishing the best time to begin promoting your park. We want to be sure you and your campground staff is ready to accommodate our members before your listings are live on our websites, mobile apps, etc.
How often is a new Passport America International Directory printed?
Passport America International Camping Directories are usually ready for distribution to members and participating campgrounds by January of each year. In order to insure your information will be included in the next edition of the directory, please make sure that your new contract is sent to Passport America by August. Be reassured that your information will still be distributed to Passport America members via updates (the printed supplement for the directory and online version) if your contract is not submitted to Passport America in time for the directory publishing date.
Will I receive a proof copy of my Passport America International Camping Directory page listing before it is printed?
Yes! Each year, approximately a couple of months prior to the publishing date, you will be sent a copy of your Passport America International Camping Directory Page. This gives you the opportunity to update and change your information prior to printing. All information will go to the publisher "as is" if no changes are received.
How many of my park's brochures should I send to Passport America for the FREE brochure distribution?
You can send any amount of your park's brochures to Passport America for FREE distribution at all RV Shows and Rallies across the US that Passport America attends. Simply mail your brochures to:

Passport America
21263 Tucker Rd
Long Beach, MS 39560

How do I know that a camper is a Passport America Member?
Every Passport America Member is supplied with an ID Card. Simply check the member's ID card for name and valid date to make sure the membership is active then proceed with giving the discounted rate. Do not hesitate calling our office toll free (800) 283-7183 if you have any questions regarding a member's ID Card.

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