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Where will your 50% discount take you?

Where will your 50% discount take you?

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Since 1992, Passport America is the Original 50% Discount Camping Club. Presently offering over 1,100+ locations for members to save 50% off the nightly rate while camping in the US, Canada, and Mexico for only $44 a year. Join now and start saving!

When you contact a campground to either reserve a site or check availability, please mention you are a Passport America Member. Always present your ID Card upon arrival. For specific instructions, please refer to each park's Important Campground Notes section within their Passport America listing for rules.

You will be emailed proof of membership after you join. In addition, an ID Card will be sent to you by mail. For an additional shipping fee, we will mail you a copy of our printed campground directory. Members can access campground information on our website and mobile apps. Members may also download a PDF of the printed directory here.

Some participating parks have no limits on the amount of stay; however, some will let you stay for a few nights and some overnight for the 50% discount. This information is located in the Important Campground Notes section of each parks listing within our website, mobile apps, and printed camping directory.

Your membership is good for one RV on one RV site. Each park owner/manager will set the terms of how many people within one RV are included in their nightly camping fee. Some campgrounds include two people and some include more. Be sure to check with each campground individually regarding applicable additional charges. Many participating campground listings include their additional charges in the Important Campground Notes section of their Passport America directory listing following the "*".

No, the Passport America membership is available for purchase by anyone who would like to save on campsite fees while traveling in North America.

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